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General Member:
£60 Direct Debit
£78 If paying by card/Paypal

(Interested in the field and keen to learn how to apply psychology at work)

£60 Direct Debit
£78 If paying by card/Paypal

(You are a practitioner in the field and have been applying psychology to work for between 2-5 years)

Principal Practitioner
£60 Direct Debit
£78 If paying by card/Paypal

(You are a seasoned professional, you’ve been applying psychology at work for over 5 years and this is your main focus/occupation)

Student at a non accredited university
£30 Direct Debit
£39 If paying by card/Paypal

Student at an ABP Accredited University

Retired Member
£30 Direct Debit
£39 If paying by card/Paypal

A joiners fee of £25 + VAT is applicable to all new and lapsed members (Excluding Free Student Membership).

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